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|KT600 6X4 EV Semi Tractor
6X4 EV Semi Tractor
6X4 EV Semi Tractor
6X4 EV Semi Tractor
6X4 EV Semi Tractor

KT600 6X4 EV Semi Tractor

King Long new energy heavy truck

Customized solutions according to different needs, Lower life-cycle cost, Use more, Save more
Clean, No toxic, harmful and other pollution gas emissions, No noise of traditional powertrain
High quality battery, Already tested under the environment of high temperature, extremely cold and  plateau, Reliable performance, Easily adapted to various complex conditions.  
Smart managing system ECO Chip 3.0, Intelligent safety assistance system

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Product model XMQ4250BEVL
Dimension (mm) 7,505(7,400)×2,550×3,130(3,630/3,400)
Wheelbase (mm) 3,825+1,350
Curb Weight(kg) 10,200/10,600/11,000
Maximum Gross Weight with tractor (Kg) 49,000
Min turning diameter (m) 17.5
Gradability(%) ≥30%
Front Axle 7 T
Rear Axle Double Rear Axle ,18T
Tire Type 12R22.5 18PR
Brake Type Front /Rear drum
Suspension Less Leaf Spring (front 3pcs, rear 4 pcs)
Driver Cab Standard roof, luxury
Battery Capacity(kWh) Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4)  281.92 kWh
Drive Mode Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor + AMT Gearbox
Rated/Peak Power (Kw) 220/360 Kw
Recharge mileage (one way ,full loading) ≥140 Km




Smart Managing System ECO  Chip 3.0

With strong computing capacity of 32-bit dual-core VCU processor  and upgrading the control hardware and control strategy, ECO-Chip 3.0 system greatly improve the safety, stability, comfort and charging safety and achieve the function of  EAPM (Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication), HAC(Hill-start Assist Control), ASR( Anti-skidding control) and Crawl Control  etc.

ECO-Chip 3.0 system is easy to update by  OTA (Over the Air Technology).

EAPM preventing pedal misapplication

Intelligent identify of driving intention and intervene to avoid safety accidents caused by pedal misapplication

ASR drive anti-skidding control

Limit the tire slip ratio when accelerating, enhance the traction power for better running stability.

DSAC (downhill safety auxiliary control)

Dynamically adjust the electric braking force for cruise speed downhill, reduce driving fatigue and brake wear.

EPB electronic parking brake

One button to achieve temporary parking or long-time parking


Life-cycle Optimal Control(LOC)

Real-time prediction of power battery life

Optimization of energy distribution and drive control strategy

Ensure high-efficiency operation of the vehicle  with the power battery performance gradual decreases during the life cycle
Comprehensive Thermal Management(CMT)

Adopting King Long Patented technology of thermal management

Comprehensive control and Multi-objective arrangement for thermal management of power battery, motor, and high-voltage controller

Ensure all systems to operate within optimum temperature range.

Improve energy utilization efficiency,reduce power consumption with intelligent control algorithm( around 5% energy saving). 

SOH: Battery State of Health
SOC: Battery State of Charge

Dynamic Calibration of Electric Accessory Consumption(DCEAC)

Real-time dynamic calibration for energy consumption of  the electrical accessories

More accurate energy distribution

Ensure power output more aligned with driving intention

Further improve control reliability and energy consumption (around 2% energy saving)




Intelligent Driving Guidance System

Driver Monitor System(DMS)

Real-time monitoring of driver's facial emotion, posture and driving behavior,

Timely warning and alert if abnormal detected and report to the cloud/remote system.

Intelligent Guidance Control  

Speed management in the crossing

Control the speed while passing the crossing to avoid overspeeding 


Speed management in emergency

Remote cutting off the power in emergency to prevent the vehicle from running

Return to normal until confirmation between the driver and the control centre


Vehicle start-speeding management function  

During starting, reduce the power while overspeeding, return to normal after the speed decreasing


Vehicle running - acceleration management function  

During running, control the acceleration habit to avoid unnecessary rapid acceleration and save energy


King Long Intelligent Safety Assistance System

Based on vehicle driving control technology and intelligent cloud platform, King Long Intelligent Safety  Assistance System achieve the function of lane departure warning, forward collision warning, electronic fence and driving panorama view etc.

With 5G technology, it can achieve Lane-level Route Guidance,Speed Control and Predictive Forward Collision Warning for better driving safety.

Lane departure warning


Forward collision warning


Overspeeding remind and regional speed-limiting system

360 panoramic view system


Lane-level rout guidance

Intelligent speed control

Predictive forward collision warning

Automatic collision mitigation brake


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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.