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"Futuristic Technology" of King Long Bus Unveiled at Digital Summit

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"Futuristic Technology" of King Long Bus Unveiled at Digital Summit

May 08 , 2023

The 6th Digital China Summit, with the theme of "Accelerating the Building of Digital China and Pushing Forward Chinese Modernization", kicked off on April 27 at the Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center. As a leading company in the bus industry, King Long has been invited to participate in the summit for six consecutive years.


Focusing on the construction of digital China and the development of digital transformation of enterprises, King Long exhibited products with "futuristic technology" such as King Long Intelligent Remote Cockpit and the industry’s first MTV vehicle battery integration bus, and these exciting new products and technologies for digital transformation became the buzz of the summit as soon as they were revealed.


King Long Intelligent Remote Cockpit attracts many visitors for a test drive


At the summit, the King Long Intelligent Remote Cockpit was displayed at the centre of the Digital Fujian Pavilion, attracting the attention of many visitors. The outer body of the cockpit consisted of a display screen, foot pedal, steering wheel, login identification module and security module. Sitting in the cockpit and looking at the screen ahead, the experiencer was able to manipulate the King Long GAPA autonomous security vehicle driving outside the exhibition hall.

Designed for all kinds of intelligent vehicles, King Long Intelligent Remote Cockpit enables users to achieve long-distance control, meeting the needs of remote takeover and implementing the remote operation of the whole process of intelligent equipment in the 5G environment. With its modular design, high reliability and rich application scenarios, the King Long Intelligent Remote Cockpit adopts 5G remote control technology and can be used in harsh and dangerous areas, such as uninhabited areas, mining areas and waste delivery areas, realizing remote and precise operation. At a time when autonomous driving is not fully mature, King Long Intelligent Remote Cockpit provides great support for vehicle dispatching in emergency situations.


King Long MTV Intelligent Connected Bus System breaks the mould


Fully flat interior floor, first-step boarding and more spacious carriage ...... The MTV intelligent connected bus system, jointly developed by King Long and CiDi, has also drawn much attention.


King Long MTV whole vehicle integration technology, based on modular thinking, is a technology that deeply integrates whole vehicle components such as power battery modules, air conditioning and thermal management units with the whole vehicle. This technical solution eliminates the traditional battery pack, the shell of air conditioning and other components as well as some parts, and is a leapfrog innovation in system integration technology for electric buses, featuring high specific energy, high integration, high protection and high efficiency. Compared with traditional buses, the King Long MTV integration technology is not only a technical innovation, but also an innovation in thinking, and the arrival of this technology will give a strong impetus to the global bus electrification process.


How impressive is this technology? You can see from these figures - roof space is increased by 45% and weight is reduced by over 200kg. The energy density of the battery system reaches 175wh/kg with a grouping efficiency of over 90%. In addition, the fully top-mounted battery design improves the safety of the entire vehicle by eliminating the risk of the power battery being submerged in water and collision. Meanwhile, the bus is equipped with full lifecycle battery safety monitoring and cloud-based safety diagnostics to ensure the safety and reliability of the entire vehicle.


In addition, the MTV bus is equipped with CiDi's full range of 'vehicle, road and cloud' vehicle-road collaboration products, which use autonomous driving and vehicle-road collaboration technology to make the vehicle 'digital', 'intelligent' and 'connected', making transportation safer, more efficient and lower carbon.  


King Long continues its in-depth digital transformation


In the wave of digital development, King Long will continue to improve its innovation capability, deeply implement digital transformation, accelerate the all-round and whole-chain transformation of the industry through digital technology, enhance its digital service capability, play the role of King Long in the construction of digital China, and bring more people the benefits of beautiful and intelligent digital travel.

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