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From Xiamen to the world丨First batch of 200 BRTs manufactured by King Long delivered to Uzbekistan!

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From Xiamen to the world丨First batch of 200 BRTs manufactured by King Long delivered to Uzbekistan!

Apr 23 , 2023

On 8 April, the first batch of 200 units of King Long 18m BRT buses was delivered to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan! The Mayor of Tashkent, the Minister of Transport, the Deputy Minister of the Interior, the Chairman of the Association of Disabled People, representatives of the Transport University and representatives of King Long Buses were all present to witness this historic moment.

The year 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (hereinafter referred to as "BRI") and the 31st anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is an important country along the Belt and Road and with the joint efforts of the leaders and people of China and Uzbekistan, a new chapter of comprehensive strategic partnership has been written.


Over the past 10 years, through its gradual construction, the Belt and Road has become a shared road of opportunity and prosperity for all countries. As a pioneer of Chinese bus brands, King Long Bus has been going global since 2000, providing services to nearly 150 countries and regions in five continents, actively responding to the BRI, promoting the continuous improvement and upgrading of public transport in countries along the "Belt and Road" with the high-quality bus products and reliable services, and bringing a beautiful travel experience to local people.


Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the BRI, 200 units of 18m King Long BRT buses were delivered from Xiamen to Uzbekistan, marking the first time that BRT buses have been introduced in large quantities to Uzbekistan and the largest BRT order delivered to countries along the "Belt and Road" since the beginning of this year, which not only signifies a milestone in the long-term cooperation between King Long and Uzbekistan's bus export business, but will further enhance the influence of King Long and even Chinese buses in the five Central Asian countries and the Silk Road Economic Belt.

18m BRT buses

The Mayor of Tashkent and the Deputy Minister of the Interior of Uzbekistan delivered speeches at the handover ceremony, demonstrating the country's commitment to transforming public transport with BRT and recognizing King Long's manufacturing strength. At the delivery site, the invited guests took a test ride around the national park and Tashkent airport, attracting much attention from the local media, which covered the entire delivery process.

18m King Long BRT buses

This is not the first time that BRT has gone out of China, as it has been exported to the Middle East, Peru, Australia, Argentina and other overseas markets, with a total of nearly 900 units of BRT buses exported; while for Uzbekistan it is a brand new public transport experience. Throughout the delivery ceremony and test drive, King Long's excellent product quality and reliable service system were highly appreciated and loved by the people of Tashkent and invited guests.


Although this is the first time for King Long BRT buses to enter Uzbekistan, King Long has enjoyed deep friendship and solid cooperation with Uzbekistan for nearly 15 years. In mid-January 2023, the Minister of Transport of Uzbekistan led a team to visit the bus manufacturers in China and inspected the company, the production plant and the 18m BRT products of King Long. In the end, King Long received an order for 200 units of BRT buses, opening a new chapter of cooperation between the two sides.

The BRT bus has the advantages of large capacity, high speed and low energy consumption, which can effectively reduce urban traffic congestion. This time, in order to better meet the local demand for buses, King Long adhered to the "one country, one strategy" manufacturing concept. After receiving the demand from the customer in Uzbekistan, a professional team including sales, service and engineering was dispatched to thoroughly study the road conditions and customer usage habits in Tashkent, and applied the research results to the design details of the vehicle, thus creating customised products tailored to local conditions.


To adapt to the harsh, dry local continental climate, King Long uses light metal interior materials and reliable heating and cooling systems to ensure an attractive and comfortable riding experience while maximising the service life of the interior materials and the passenger experience; the four wide-opening passenger doors on the right side of the bus meet the needs of Tashkent's high passenger flow. In the main chassis system, the reliability of the vehicle is enhanced by the use of components from internationally renowned brands; the multi-level filtering gas supply system guarantees clean and reliable gas for the engine; the use of fully wrapped carbon fibre gas cylinders improves the safety of the gas cylinder system; high-definition cameras in 12 parts of the vehicle are arranged to achieve 360-degree monitoring, assuring safe and reliable operation. In addition, to better convey humanistic care, the bus is equipped with an imported automatic transmission, which allows the driver to control the bus more easily; facilities such as handrail space, call buttons and wheelchair space inside the bus make it safer and more comfortable for passengers, especially the disabled, to travel.


With the support of the BRI, King Long, as the earliest overseas pioneer among Chinese bus brands, is actively responding to the policy and building a road of friendship, cooperation and development with countries along the Belt and Road. In the future, King Long will continue to deepen its cooperation with Uzbekistan and other countries along the Belt and Road to create a green and efficient public transportation with high quality products and services, and demonstrate the power of " Intelligent Manufacturing in China".

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